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​​​At Şişecam USA, we believe that our success comes from the employees that we see as our most valuable assets. In this respect, we develop and renew our human resource processes and systems to employ the most skillful employees and create a positive working environment by supporting the innovation culture.

In Şişecam USA, the main objective of human resource management is to bring the most appropriate talents that share our values in Şişecam USA; to give support in training employees that are seen as examples in terms of knowledge level and experience and that have become experts in their field; to establish global career opportunities for the employees and develop them.

In line with the values and the long-established corporate culture of Şişecam USA, all HR processes, from recruitment to talent management, from career moves to training and development programs, are managed by making no distinction and granting no privileges and by considering the capabilities, employee potential, and current performance.

To be a part of Şişecam USA, you can apply for our vacant positions through our online job portal.​

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