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Our History

Faaliyet Alanı


  • ​Stauffer Chemical opened its Big Island Mine and Refinery plant in Green River, WY, USA and started producing soda ash from the mined trona. ​


  • ​Stauffer Chemical converted its manufacturing process from conventional “drill and blast” mining to “continuous mining.” ​


  • ​Stauffer Chemical was acquired by Chesebrough Ponds. ​


  • ​Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), who was in turn acquired by Unilever, took Stauffer Chemical over from Chesebrough Ponds. ​


  • ​​​Rhone-Poulenc took over Stauffer’s industrial chemicals section (soda ash business) from ICI.


  • ​OCI Company, Ltd. took over the soda ash business from Rhone-Poulenc, renaming the new North American subsidiary as OCI Chemical Corporation. ​​


  • ​​Unit 6, OCI Chemical’s first automated unit, reached production levels of about a million tons per year. ​


  • ​Decahydrate (DECA) plant started recovering soda ash from the tailings ponds which then increased the plant’s overall efficiency. ​


  • ​OCI’s soda ash business was listed on NYSE as a Master Limited Partnership under ticker symbol OCIR, following an intitial public offering. ​


  • ​OCI Chemical corporation was acquired by Ciner Enterprises Inc., a Ciner Group subsidiary, to be renamed as Ciner Resources Corporation.


  • ​​​The soda ash venture was rewarded “2,000,000 Safe Man Hours Without ​a Lost Time Accident Award”. ​


  • ​​​​Şişecam entered into an equal production partnership contract with Ciner Group for natural soda production in the U.S.​ ​


  • ​​Sisecam has made an investment in the U.S. that will change the structure of its partnership with Ciner Group, taking over the soda ash business and renaming it as Sisecam, while changing its ticker symbol on the NYSE to SIRE. With this investment, Sisecam has become one of the top soda producers in the world. ​