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Social Projects

​​​​Arts & Culture projects

Antique Glass Works Collection

A collection of 520 antique glassworks that reflect a history of nearly 3,500 years, in partnership with Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

History-Culture-Glass Collections

A collection of some 500 original glass artworks in an effort to preserve and pass on our cultural heritage to future generations.

Education and Training​ projects

School construction and development projects across the country in partnership with the Turkish Ministry of National Education.

Sustainability projects


Ongoing efforts to determine designated forestlands, and plant trees continuously in proximity to facilities and work sites.

Glass and Glass Again

A sustainability project aimed at raising awareness of glass recycling, improving the recycling infrastructure, and streamlining the recycling process.

Sports projects

Cayirova ​Sports Club, founded by Şişecam, is a surface water sports club specializing in canoe, sailing and rowing.